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What if, all your life, there was a secret language you always wanted to understand? What if, after years of searching, you finally found a translation for that language, and began hearing the meaning behind the words?

For Evelyn, life is an epic adventure. Understanding the journey is the secret to success, the key to achieving life’s goals with passion and purpose. Evelyn has developed breakthrough programs for personal and professional development in leadership, with a brilliant fusion of ancient wisdom and innovative teaching.

Dedicating her time  to improve personal awareness with the three human dimensions Body – Mind – Spirit. Improve your personal wellness through exercise, growth in knowledge and immerse yourself in meditation for spiritual renewal.

Explore your own self awareness and become more empowered . Reclaim your own personal power and freedom, through highlighting internal imbalances and gain a deeper understanding of others.

These programs focus on ‘Reconnective Coaching’, The Hero’s Journey’ and, Archetypes of The Enneagram – Dance of The Dragon®, here you can discover true clarity of vision and become more authentic, confident, and be an inspiration for others. Deepen your relaxation and wellness experience by booking one of our healing services.

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Be Physically Active

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Take your fitness to a whole new level with our coaching programs.

Find Ways to Manage Your Emotions

Meditation is the way to manage your emotions and observe your surroundings mindfully.

Balance Your Mind And Body

Only when the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony can there be healing and completeness.

Find Your Direction

Turn away from the chaos, re-align with your inner self, and find your true direction.

Take Up Challenges

Seek new adventures with enthusiasm, open your heart and mind, and enjoy the experience of life at a whole new level.

Grow Professionally

Leadership coaching might be the pathway for you. Refine your skills and be the leader you know you’ve got the potential for!




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