30 Jan

Business Success, The Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence

Most business owners would agree these days that emotional intelligence is worth a great deal. This is because in business, people have to be able to work together productively and to do so; they have to understand their own motivations and feelings as well as to be able to interact with colleagues who may have very different viewpoints. This is why the Enneagram is so successful when used in the workplace and as businesses show real results thereafter, it is becoming more and more popular.

If you have never heard of the Enneagram, it is a tried and tested resource used both personally and professionally for developing greater awareness and emotional intelligence. Whether learned in an individual coaching or group setting, participants develop a unique insight into the nine personality types. Not only does this support the knowledge of their own type which is important for confidence but, it provides them with insightful information about how the personality types interact and affect each other. Importantly, just by working with the Enneagram, it’s possible to develop greater emotional intelligence intuitively.  

In the workplace, colleagues come together to develop new products, to troubleshoot or to learn new skills but each person will bring their own talents which may include technical expertise, strong communication skills or creative insights useful for product creation. In many businesses, there will be a certain degree of disharmony but through the influence of the Enneagram, the individual personality types can work effortlessly with each other building rapport and empathy and managing their patterns and styles of work more effectively.

Strong relationships within an organisation lead to business success and in turn, this leads to each individual being an important part of the whole. Whether working alone or as part of a team, there is a high level of understanding and an influential way of communicating and influencing, this all leads to more effective decision making, self-management and stronger results. Employees of all levels benefit from learning the Enneagram, as it improves their people skills and aids their settling into their role, content to work for a company that values their input.

All learning and development should be enjoyable and Enneagram workshops or coaching are fun and inspirational. The information makes sense however and is believable once a basic understanding is accrued. Attendees are able to see strong aspects of themselves within their personality type and to recognise traits in others. The information is highly compelling yielding many surprises which actually serve to make the development of attendees more relevant.

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