The Pragmatists -E3 | E6 | E9 – Soul Children

The heart point of E3 is at point 6 – so behind the E3 facade is a very frightened child. That efficient and composed veneer is hiding a shy, timid and self doubting, insecure soul child that experiences the world as a hostile and malevolent place.

The heart point of E6 is at point 9 – so there lies a lazy little child in every E6, one who just want to pull up the covers, wants to shut the world out and only wants to come out to play when they are being entertained. Because of this, E6’s fear that if they relax too much into themselves, they will become inert, or powerless never being able to move again. They have an inbuilt fear that if they take that path, they will neglect what they need to do in their lives.

The heart point of E9’s is at point 3. This point (3) is where the soul child makes her first appearance with a tendency to deceive and lie in the hope of getting attention, be liked, or gain approval. This could be a child like prank or being naughty in some way – it could be like stealing a biscuit and denying it, or complaining of a sore tummy to get out of going to school. The reason behind this is the soul child of E9 (3) wants to be seen, wants to shine, to dance and be the centre of attention

The Controller – Learning to let go

The Controller has the “the alpha factor” pretty much in-built- you need to match them. To achieve an alpha status as their leader, you must either have it transferred to you, conferred to you, or you must build it.

Demystifying The Intuitors

The Intuitor brings much wisdom and richness to our world, each with their own unique qualities in aspects of human development.

Charismatics Love to Dream

Their goal is to make other people happy, they’re playful, fun to be around, typically see everything in a positive manner, always on the look-out for the silver lining and most importantly, love to have a good time.