02 Feb

I want to be healthy and happy

Many people count their successes in life by attaining health, happiness and being financially stable. Each one of these affects each other in one way or another. There will be no satisfaction if you are successful in business and you are not healthy or happy and you know there are many people that may be healthy but not happy enough because they are not financially successful.

Opportunity in this world is laid out equally for each one of us. Literally it may not seem so because other people are born into wealth through inheritance, other people had the chance to have parents that gave everything so you could have the best education, while others are just biz-smart and could succeed after doing anything in this world. What most do not know is that our mindset limits the height for possibility of our achievements.

How can I be Healthy, Happy and have Success in my Career/Business at the Same Time?

You’re not alone if you want more from life…Everyone wants more from life and from their career – more results, more certainty, more meaning, more fulfillment, more love and connection with others.

It starts by loving yourself, believing in yourself, doing something about your current self. Digging  deep and unleashing your Personal Power. How? By allowing yourself the opportunity to grow. If you’re not willing to learn more and stay open to what’s possible, to understanding more about positive thinking, acquiring like-minded friends, being surrounded by a positive environment you will start noticing that your life is turning out to be positive.

Before you begin loving yourself, you need to accept who you are, physically, socially, and also spiritually. If you think you are not good enough, don’t belong or unlovable, then that’s what you create and attract in your life. Psychological characteristics and beliefs become physical outcomes, so exercise your mind as well as your body because that’s the core solution. Physical exercise will help to improve you in a more holistic way, more than you have ever imagined possible.

When you engage in exercise, you will realize that you will start to feel rejuvenated and your mind becomes so clear. Exercise lightens your body, mind and spirit, and when you go there, do that, you will be more focused on whatever else you would love to bring into your life.

Working out will help you attain health and happiness. People who engage in fitness are always focused because the exercise keeps the mind alert and you are able to strive harder on your career or business. Happiness is not achievable if you are not happy with yourself, start by loving yourself.

Loving yourself is what will make you want to get the best things in life. And, you already know it, “you can never have that feeling of being truly loved, being adored and totally fulfilled by someone else, without first loving self”. Determination should not be initiated by someone else’s need of happiness, it should be yours. With this, definitely you shall achieve your success in your anticipated business. 

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