The Enneagram

The Enneagram forms a powerful map that charts the way towards in-depth self-exploration. Simply, it enables each person to identify their own unique character traits, discovering their individual personality types and comprehending current patterns of behaviour.

The Enneagram benefits are far-reaching and available to all who embark upon their journey of self-discovery enabling those individuals to generate key strategies of development, to build upon and enhance their natural character traits, while learning to relate to family members, colleagues and friends on an intrinsic level. Once learned, the Enneagram can enable anyone to identify and eradicate negative behaviours, lessen existing compulsions and to develop new, positive patterns.


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The Journey of Self-Discovery

The Enneagram forms a circle so that all personality types are a fundamental part of the whole and yet, remain distinct from each other. Individuals begin to learn about the main personality types identifying elements of their own persona and recognising similarities that may reflect other personality types of the Enneagram.

Although the Enneagram may appear complicated initially, it is actually simple to understand and the process of claiming a personality type forms the beginning of a rewarding journey. Importantly, the journey can be as in-depth as is required and used in every aspect of life – so professionally and personally. Those who endeavour to learn the wisdom of the Enneagram will determine important aspects of their individual personality type, discovering hidden attributes.

Personality Types

There are nine distinctive personality types within the Enneagram and people can often recognise elements of themselves in each type, this is quite natural, but there will be one type that will stand out from the others, and this will then become the basic personality type for that person.

Everyone is born with a dominant type that is responsible for temperament and behaviours and will have a definitive impact on how the individual adapts to their environment from an early age. Research determines that individuals do not change personality types even if there may be some fluctuation depending on positive or negative character traits and, the environment surrounding them. Each personality type has unique assets and limitations, but no one type should be deemed as better than another. Understanding their basic personality types enable those individuals to meet their true potential by adopting positive traits while avoiding, streamlining or reducing any traits which may limit progress or success.

Benefits of the Enneagram
The benefits gained through studying the multiple aspects of the Enneagram will naturally filter into all areas of life. Training on an individual or group basis is always enjoyable and supportive. Attendees quickly begin to gain new recognition of their very beings, feeling more confident, understanding their true nature, values and actions on a day-to-day basis. This naturally leads towards their being able to realise their true potential and, to experience clarity of mind. Stronger, more meaningful connections can be forged – leading to greater friendships, enriched relationships, and, providing greater insight into the behaviours of others too.
In Addition, Individuals Can Experience:
  • Improved communications
  • Easier conflict management
  • Improved decision making
  • Enhanced leadership qualities
  • Greater teamwork
  • Increased rapport
Who Would Benefit From The Enneagram?

The Enneagram has become hugely successful and is popular with all who wish to pursue their own personal development and, by forward-thinking businesses now recognising the vast benefits gained such as increased motivation, improved communications and, departmental teams’ inter-connecting.

Conflict within the workplace is common because every individual views the world in a different way utilising their experiences, their current behaviours and misconceptions. Understanding others will enable a greater insight into a co-workers’ concerns, actions or motivations because character traits and basic personality types are recognised and respected

Through utilising the Enneagram on a daily basis, there will be a swift increase to personal and professional skills as well as an enhanced awareness. This leads to reduced stress, an ability to stay focussed and centred, making intelligent choices based on clarity of mind and understanding of any situation rather than through emotion or assumptions.

It’s easy to see that an individual armed with the wisdom of the Enneagram is able to break through the working ranks more readily experiencing recognition within their roles and beyond. Although the Enneagram is an excellent resource for all who are keen on personal development but in particular, trainers, negotiators, consultants, leaders or within a HR role.

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