16 Jan

To the Moon

Your Team: In the Rocket Ship Together

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Clarity is a beautiful thing. In a team setting, it’s indispensable. When your goals and trajectory as a group are clear, you’re far more likely to quickly meet and surpass your goals.

In developing your high-performance team, consider establishing a clear understanding of team purpose, roles, responsibilities, and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Gaining clarity on these points allows your team members to work effectively as individuals, build powerful relationships as a group, and launch towards real, tangible results.

On Board the Rocket Ship

Your high-performance team is a lot like the crew of a rocket ship.

If the crew is unclear of their team purpose, there could be dire consequences; one half of the crew might think they’re headed to the moon, while the other thinks their intention is to orbit the earth.

If the crews’ roles and responsibilities are unclear, mayhem could ensue; for example, imagine a crew where three different individuals think they’re the captain, and nobody knows they’re the engineer.

And of course, the rocket’s crew also need to gain a clarity on their KPIs. Imagine a crew that forgets to mark their progress, or to check how far they’ve travelled; they could quickly travel off course.

The crew that’s unclear of their purpose, roles, responsibilities, or KPIs would be lost instantly, and might never find their way back on track. That’s why clarity is of such constant importance.

Ready for Liftoff

To have an effective, high-performance team, establish an understanding of team purpose (are you going to the moon? roles, (who’s the engineer?), responsibilities (who checks the map?), and KPI’s (how close are you getting to the moon?).

Give yourself a map for success, before you launch, establish:

  • A common understanding of team purpose
  • Each team members’ roles
  • Clear responsibilities for every individual
  • Accountability and Key Performance Indicators

By gaining clarity on each of these points, your team will more quickly and easily meet your goals; making your trip to the moon easier, more fun, and of course, more successful.