01 Oct

Speaking Your Team’s Language

“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Every single one of us sees the world differently. We have contrasting stories, conflicting ideals, unique styles, and specific ways of learning. In some ways, it’s as though we each speak our own language.

As a leader and coach, it’s important you speak the language of your team members. This means identifying their personality types, respecting their values and concerns, and presenting your ideas in ways that capture and hold their attention.

Like any language, learning to communicate with your team takes practice; over time though, you’ll gain the skills to speak that language fluently.

Sounding Out the Basics

Some team members are outgoing and social, some shy and quiet, others fun-loving, serious, ambitious, or reserved. Identify your team members’ specific personality types. Value these individuals for the unique traits they bring to your group. Instead of hoping they’ll better understand you, focus on gaining the deepest understanding of them and theirs.

Meaning and Context

Everyone brings their own set of values and concerns to the group, and these values and concerns will surprise you at every turn. Some team members deeply value collaboration, others working alone. Gain an understanding of each individual. Rather than trying to get everyone working the exact same way, create work that capitalizes on these team members’ specific values and concerns.

Become Conversational

Some team members’ will learn best through visual presentation, others through action, others through conversation, others by reading written instructions. Once you understand each of your individuals’ specific strengths, you will be able to effectively present your ideas in a way that captures and holds their attention.

Speak Fluently

The deeper your understanding of each individual on your team; the easier and more effective you’ll be in communicating your ideas. Likewise, the more effective your communication, the more powerful your progress as a group.

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