Archetypes of the Enneagram – Dance of The Dragon Production.
The Power of NLP And The Enneagram

Evelyn Olivares – Creator; Director & Narrator
stepping into a new frontier – the creative unknown such an amazing experience…

Robert Meyer – Boston USA – Co-writer creative artistry

Angela Little Composer- Songwriter music used throughout the production are from her albums Celtic Fire and Sraddha

Kevin Kelly – Producer and Director of Dance of The Dragon Production delivered at Leadership Conference Wired for Wonder delivered at NIDA

Norman Chow Nolan Chow Productions Cinematographer for studio version of Dance of The Dragon.

Zebra Studios Botany – the creative juices flowed in anticipation of the grand finale at NIDA. Dance of the Dragon was rehearsed and produced in video format here prior to the formal delivery at Wired for Wonder.

A special thank you from me to you for allowing me to share your journey.

Some special people sharing my dream…

Archetype Video Collection – Archetype images I purchased under license to form part of my coaching resources and videos … the creator of these remarkably artistic pieces is

Howard David Johnson

Music for my Archetype video collection was composed by a musical genius

Aaron Bugo – Aaron is an an amazingly talented songwriter and composer

Adrain Lee – Producer of video collection – Adrian resides in Neutral Bay
keeps to himself and has no online profile- he works on referral only

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Learning And Reference Source

somatic enneagram – Marion Gilbert Patrick Kayrooz MEd and Denise Daniels PhD – Uranio Paes – Ross Hudson – Dr David Daniels – Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD

Book Archetypes of The Enneagram – Susan Rhodes

Book The Enneagram Made Easy – Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele

Book Roaming Free Inside The Cage – William M Schafer Pd.D