Awakening Archetypes of Growth

Learn how to identify the Shadow Archetypal traits that are holding you back
preventing you from achieving what you want
  • Ever wondered how we manage to create and successfully give birth to ideas?
  • Imagine having a clear understanding of how we create the problems within the manifestation process
  • Tap into intuition and discriminate between intuition and old programming
  • How would it be if you could increase your ability to be a more conscious creator of dreams and ideas? 
  • Envisage being in-flow with the Universal creative processes 
  • Explore and embrace your preferred Archetypal nature while still staying safe and protected

The Innocent Adventurer

The Secret of Inspiration & Power of Positive Awakening

The Magician – Concentration

The Secret of Focus & Power of Transformation

The Oracle – Receptivity

The Secret of Vulnerability & Power of Connection

The Nurturer –  Creativity

The Secret of Imagination & Power of Love

This is where you go to be inspired and experience the everlasting magic and limitless possibility. Explore how to enter the void and savour the sense of power.

At this retreat you will learn how to tap into the energy of your Innocent Adventurer. How to reconnect with your playful, passionate, child-like parts.

This is the “get things done” persona in you that can materialise any and all of your desires through the power of concentration. Where focus goes, energy flows. Always!

At this retreat you will learn many techniques that help you access the infinite powerhouse of your inner Magician

This is where you tap-into the collective memory of everything that ever was, is and will be

At this retreat, you will learn many powerful ways to awaken the Oracle within. Discover the unrevealed parts within you that hunger to be seen and require your undivided attention and care.

Embodying the Nurturer will help you rebuild a relationship with your inner Nurturer by reacquainting yourself with emotions and reconnecting with your feminine side.

At this retreat we will lay out many well-studied, powerful techniques that will take you back to your inner Nurturer where you will confidently open yourself up to the blessings of the Universe.

The Ruler – Insight

The Secret of Insight & Power of Power

The Sage – Intuition

The Secret of Listening & Power of Knowing

The Lovers –  Discernment

The Secret of Self-Love & Power of Boundaries

The Knight –  Results

The Secret of Action & Power of Persistence

This is where you go to become the authority, understand the importance of structure, control and ambition while exuding in confidence, leadership and stability

This retreat will help you learn how to reason strategically according to your truth. Gain knowledge of how to place structures in your life that support you rather than restrict you

This is where you go to awaken the wise one within, guided by truth and logic standing out in the crowd giving guidance and reassurance where needed

At this retreat you will learn to tap into that ocean of esoteric wisdom that always points you north and teaches you to listen to the silence with your “spiritual” ears.

This is where you go to find the passion in whatever you are doing. With a zest for life you can easily create relationships while evoking devotion in your audience.

At this Retreat you will learn how to free yourself from the past and uncover your soul’s calling. Thanks to the Lover, you will soon realise it all starts with self-love!

This is where you go to ‘take charge’. To get things done. To maintain a self-image of strength and power while staying in command of your life.

At this retreat you’ll be guided through meditation to build bridges with your inner Knight – Your Universal Brother, to move out of childhood immature patterns into independence, accountability, & maturity.

During this retreat you can choose to address your ability to create energy and change in your health and fitness.
Explore how to create balance within this Archetype by creating more resourceful addictions that interrupt flow and growth.

Health – Animal Archetype

The Secret of Animal Nature & Power of Belonging

It’s time to let go of… 

  • shame, anger and guilt
  • negative beliefs that no longer serve
  • family programming around sex, food and body

Addressing problems in health.

  • curb work-a-holic behaviour
  • reduce addictions
  • sexual issues
  • physical health issues

11 Sep 2024 Manifesting Inspiration
Think of the Innocent Adventurer as a big ball of raw energy with ‘special’ powers . Its your green light to be adventurous, spontaneous, energetic and inspired

18 Sep 2024 Manifesting Focus
Link a magnifying glass the Magician can focus the energies of all possibilities, realities, and outcomes into one single concentrated outcome – your deepest desires

25 Sep 2024 Manifesting Receptivity
The Oracle is like a mysterious mother. When embodying the Oracle you’ll be gently guided to the deeper realms of All there is

2 Oct 2024 Manifesting Creativity
Embodying the The Creative Nurturer will help you rebuild a relationship with your inner Nurturer by reacquainting yourself with emotions and reconnecting with your most powerful feminine energy

9 Oct 2024 Manifesting Powerful Insights
Think of the Ruler as the Universal Father, the one who protects and provides you with an unshakable framework – a reliable structure for exploration and experience

16 Oct 2024 Manifesting Intuition
Think of the Sage as your inner teacher – the wise guru, the enlightened instructor. Its sole purpose is to connect you with your intuition

23 Oct 2024 Manifesting Discernment 
The Lovers archetype will help you come back to Oneness. Unlearn unresourceful patters and learn to set necessary boundaries with others

30 Oct 2024 Manifesting Results 
Think of The Knight as your higher self, guiding the vehicle of personality, thoughts, beliefs, and actions to success

Pre-recorded coaching ON DEMAND Archetypes of The Enneagram

Charismatics – Do you love to dream? Take risks? Do you se the path f Freedom?

Intuitors – Are you the intuitive type? Sometimes find yourself withdrawing from the crowd? In search of messages from The Universe?

Controllers  – Do you love Control? Have the Alpha Factor? Passionate about what you love and love a challenge?

Harmonics Triad – Are you a pragmatist? Have the ability to calm difficult situations? Do you relish connections and thrive on helping others?

The 6 Core Human Needs & Relationships

Clearing Shadows and Blind Spots

Personal Power & Living with Passion & Purpose

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