1 – 2 – 3 November 2024

  • Your life’s journey should be more fulfilling
  • Relationships should be more rewarding
  • Abundance should be more stimulating
  • Exercise should be more exhilarating
  • Manifesting should be more thrilling
  • Work should be more motivating
  • Life should be more EXCITING!

This retreat is the Perfect Opportunity for YOU to Revitalise All Three of Your Human Dimensions

The physical dimension speaks to us through our bodily sensations and needs
The thinking dimension speaks to us through our thoughts and reasoning
The spiritual dimension speaks to us through our intuition and feelings

Experience this Excitingly Unique Wellness Retreat
in THREE Fully Immersive, Complementary Components

Part One: Pre retreat Live Online Coaching

Eight weekly LIVE online coaching sessions of Manifestation PLUS seven pre-recorded sessions introducing the universal, inborn models of behaviour in people known as Archetypes

Part Two: Reconnect with Yoga

Mindful movement to nourish your body, mind and spirit while reconnecting with nature at Terrigal Beach Wellness Retreat

Part Three: Wellbeing group coaching

Each day is about YOU – take the time to make space for self, reassess your needs, desires and feelings.

Archetypal Coaching Retreat- Superconscious level

This Event is Perfect forYOU if you are…
  • Certain there is so much more you should be getting from life
  • Ready to step into your true, authentic self and a new, magical life
  • Ready to find freedom, greater meaning, clarity and direction in your life
  • Genuinely enthusiastic about creating change and a happy, balanced lifestyle
  • Passionate about using proven techniques to transform your whole self, for good
  • Eager to have more meaningful relationships and to resolve ongoing relationship drama
  • Committed to fully immerse yourself in a 3-day, 2-night adventure of exploration and discovery

Invest in YOU

Interest Free Instalment options available

What Others Have To Say!

Evelyn I wanted to share with you how beneficial this retreat has been for me. Diving into the archetypes has really helped me since the retreat, understanding more about my patterns and behaviours and navigating through life with more ease 🙌🏼
Thank you once more

Evelyn, thank you so so much. I had the experience I wished for in the timeline meditation we did in the Zoom session. The experience was amazing and the feeling of being nurtured by everyone and feeling genuine care for each person leaves me forever grateful. It is everything I needed and I am reminded to stay on this path of growth. Thank you 🙏

when I think of Evelyn as coach and  trainer I think:

  • Of her commitment and passion for her craft
  • How she lift us up through the clouds higher than we have ever been
  • Her patience (even though that can be difficult for us Dominant’s)
  • Her amazing respect for our map of the world
  • How she can adapt to whatever is required for each client
  • Her amazing honesty and loving her steel glove !

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See you there…

SPRING Beach Retreat – NOV 2024