1 – 2 – 3 November 2024

When you INSTINCTIVELY FEEL there’s something calling you,
urging you, compelling you and you’d
LOVE to know what it is…

  • Your life’s journey should be more fulfilling
  • Relationships should be more rewarding
  • Abundance should be more stimulating
  • Exercise should be more exhilarating
  • Manifesting should be more thrilling
  • Work should be more motivating
  • Life should be more EXCITING!

It’s YOUR time to…

Embark on YOUR Hero’s Journey as You
Discover, Evolve and Create Your New Future Self

When you instinctively KNOW there’s more…
You owe it to your SELF to invest in the very best version of YOU!


to the Next Level Archetypes of the Enneagram Wellness Retreat

This exclusive retreat is designed to help you identify and manifest what you truly want in life by embarking on a unique and exciting journey.

Through the Archetypes of the Enneagram and the other complementary activities, you will learn to empower your whole self. You will discover new ways to heal, and to remove energetic blocks, subconscious beliefs, and unwanted thought patterns that prevent you from becoming the conscious co-creator of your own life experience.

You will achieve this by understanding and embracing the great life principles explored and explained in the workshop, and by harmoniously working with the natural laws of the universe.

It’s time for you to step into your power and lead a happier and more abundant life!

Discover Your Dominant Archetype and Learn to Truly
and Fully ExpressYour Unique and Infinitely
Powerful SELF

This retreat is the Perfect Opportunity for YOU to Revitalise All Three of Your Human Dimensions

The physical dimension speaks to us through our bodily sensations and needs
The thinking dimension speaks to us through our thoughts and reasoning
The spiritual dimension speaks to us through our intuition and feelings

Discover the true feeling of freedom you seek once your Three Human Dimensions are nurtured and nourished by a comprehensive and complementary schedule of activities designed to perfectly align with, revitalise and inspire, your whole self.

During this 3-day Retreat, we focus on all three, and on bringing them into better alignment with each other.

  • Great food to nourish and mindful exercise to stimulate your body
  • New information and techniques to expand your mind and your consciousness
  • Access a deeper level of wisdom and understanding to become more spiritually attuned
Once your Three Human Dimensions receive the attention they need
and are balanced in perfect harmony, you truly begin to feel the
Power, Purpose and Potential
of a Brand New You!
Once you Reserve Your Spot, you will…

Experience this Excitingly Unique Wellness Retreat
in THREE Fully Immersive, Complementary Components

Part One: Pre retreat Live Online Coaching

Seven weekly episodes introducing the universal, inborn models of behaviour in people known as Archetypes

Part Two: Reconnect with Yoga

Mindful movement to nourish your body, mind and spirit while reconnecting with nature at Terrigal Beach Wellness Retreat

Part Three: Wellbeing group coaching

Each day is about YOU – take the time to make space for self, reassess your needs, desires and feelings.

Archetypal Coaching Retreat- Superconscious level

Archetypes of The Enneagram – Pre-retreat coaching

Ask Yourself: “Who am I” and discover ‘Why I Do What I Do” (WID Factor)

This is the place it all begins

11 Sep 2024: Charismatics
Do you love to dream? Take risks? Do you see the path of Freedom?

18 Sep 2024 : Intuitors
Are you the intuitive type? Do you sometimes find yourself withdrawing from the crowd? Are you often in search of messages from The Universe?

25 Sep 2024: Controllers
Do you love control? Do you have the Alpha Factor? Are you passionate about what you love and love a challenge?

2 Oct 2024: Harmonics Triad
Are you a pragmatist? Do you have the ability to calm difficult situations? Do you relish connections and thrive on helping others?

9 Oct 2024: Relationships
The 6 Core Human Needs, and Relationships

16 Oct 2024: Shadows & Blind Spots
Clearing Shadows and Blind Spots

23 Oct 2024: Personal Power
Personal Power, and Living with Passion & Purpose

Three Days, Two Nights Wellness Retreat

Fri 1, Sat 2, and Sun 3 November 2024
The Clan Terrigal
1 Oceanview Drive Terrigal Beach NSW 2260
Activity Schedule Day 1

2:00-3:00pm room allocation -free time

3:00pm-4:30pm Your Coaching experience

4:30-5:15pm Yoga

5:15-6:00pm free time

6:00pm Dinner – free time to explore the local restaurants and cafes for a nourishing meal

7:30-8:00pm Meditation (optional)

Reconnecting with your shining light that brings you motivation, determination, and a sense of gratitude and excitement for the mysteries that lay ahead in your transformative experiences tomorrow.

Activity Schedule Day 2

pre-breakfast free time morning beach walk

7:00-7:45am Yoga

7:45-8:15am breakfast

8:15-9:00am free time

9:00-11:00am Coach Enneagram Principles of Manifestation

11:00am – free time – Letting go

12:00-1:00pm nourishing lunch

1:00-3:00pm Coaching continues

3:00pm – 3:30pm free time

3:30pm-5:30 Coaching continues

6:00-7.30pm Dinner – free time to explore the local restaurants and cafe’s for a nourishing meal

7:30 Meditation (optional)

Close the day with clearing emotions and negative influences now left behind and connect with your powerful higher self in reconnective healing

Activity Schedule Day 3

pre-breakfast free time morning walk

7:00-7:45am Yoga

7:45 – 8:15am breakfast

8:00-11:30 am Coach embodying archetypes

11:30am-12:00pm wrap-up – share your experience – gratitude  – make your way to a final lunch together or simply enjoy a final walk along the beach.

Free time throughout the retreat

feel free to take some time for yourself in a walk along the beach – feel the casual touch of the breeze as you stroll  becoming more aware of the melodious birds and sea creatures as you immerse deeper into your healing self . Watch  the sunrise or sunset, watch the moon rise and stars twinkle in the sky reminding you of the infinite possibilities available to you… now

IMPORTANT NOTE: The prices quoted on this page includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and short break snacks.
DINNER is NOT included.
all rooms include ensuite, some with water views, some without.
Numbers are Limited, so Reserve Your Spot ASAP
YES, NOW is YOUR Moment to Shine
This Event is Perfect forYOU if you are…
  • Certain there is so much more you should be getting from life
  • Ready to step into your true, authentic self and a new, magical life
  • Ready to find freedom, greater meaning, clarity and direction in your life
  • Genuinely enthusiastic about creating change and a happy, balanced lifestyle
  • Passionate about using proven techniques to transform your whole self, for good
  • Eager to have more meaningful relationships and to resolve ongoing relationship drama
  • Committed to fully immerse yourself in a 3-day, 2-night adventure of exploration and discovery

Your Investment in YOU

Reserve Your Spot for this Fully Immersive 3 Day Retreat

Interest Free Instalment options available
2 nights – 3 days – 1 person


7 x Pre-retreat online coaching sessions

2 x breakfasts and 2 lunches per person

Nourishing meals + Yoga + Accommodation
+ Group Coaching + Meditation

2 nights – 3 days – 2 ppl
(+1 Partner)


7 x Pre-retreat online coaching sessions

2 x breakfasts and 2 lunches per person

Nourishing meals + Yoga + Accommodation
+ Group Coaching + Meditation

2 nights – 3 days – 1 person

SHARED room (2 ppl) with ENSUITE

7 x Pre-retreat online coaching sessions

2 x breakfasts and 2 lunches per person

Nourishing meals + Yoga + Accommodation
+ Group Coaching + Meditation

DISCOVER the Best Version of Your New Self
MANIFEST Your Desired Destiny and
MASTER Your Whole Life


To all my Fellow “Epic Life” Adventurers

I strongly encourage you to join me on this epic adventure of self-discovery – and SO much more!

Your rewards and returns will far outweigh your investment, and it will be a transformational experience you will cherish forever.

I firmly believe that to be a true master of your Life, you need a deep and meaningful understanding of your True Self, your Real Identity, and your Whole Life Purpose.

Only then can you inspire yourself to be the extraordinary.

When you attend this Archetypes and Equine Therapy Retreat, you will gain a new-found, and startlingly profound, self-awareness and self-knowledge, which will give you the power to unlock your true and rightful, hidden potential.

During this immersive and inspiring Retreat Event, you will learn how to tap into a deep sense of awareness to transform your personal and professional success.

You will also discover powerful secrets and develop highly effective new skills and techniques that will catapult your success, and help you rapidly realise your goals and the wholeness of the life you deserve.

Arrive with curiosity, intensity and excitement and leave with a renewed sense of personal power, passion and purpose, because…

Walk your own Unique Path

Life as you know it will cease to be the same. When you choose it!

Many people ‘settle’ for what life throws at them and accept it for what it seems.

Life is a choice. You can choose not to listen to those who have had a negative influence over you and instead, live life according to your rules and expectations.

Give yourself permission to release the secrets shackled within, create the space  inside that allows you to see and connect with your higher self

Once You’ve Attended This Life Changing Retreat You Will…

    • Become an illustrious achiever and manifester, beyond your greatest expectations
    • Nurture and inspire your New Self to deliver amazing results, consistently
    • Discover exactly what makes you tick, and how to keep on thriving
    • Create a new mindset that attracts and delivers what you want
    • Foster an environment packed with passion and innovation

ALL in Three Exciting and Fully Immersive Days
your New Self will Thank You

This Retreat is the Perfect Opportunity for YOU to Explore the Infinite Possibilities
the Archetypes of the Enneagram uncovers, offers, and delivers

I look forward to meeting and welcoming you soon!


What Others Have To Say!

Evelyn I wanted to share with you how beneficial this retreat has been for me. Diving into the archetypes has really helped me since the retreat, understanding more about my patterns and behaviours and navigating through life with more ease 🙌🏼
Thank you once more

What an inspiration, What an adventure this has been.

Before I met Evelyn I was depressed with all the things going on in my life. I was right at the bottom of the success line when I met Evelyn. After a few session with her as my coach everything started to change. It’s amazing how easy it actually started happening.

“Quality comes in bucket loads”

Evelyn’s coaching is personal, exciting and the quality comes in bucketloads. There is so much extra depth and meaning in her delivery to our team and her ability to adapt to each individual is remarkable… And knowing we are not going to be left on our own to fight in the wilderness means everything. We always get that through Evelyn, she’s always there to field questions when I call long after our coaching. That’s what you get from Evelyn, she’s going to be there and support you through your journey.

Evelyn, thank you so so much. I had the experience I wished for in the timeline meditation we did in the Zoom session. The experience was amazing and the feeling of being nurtured by everyone and feeling genuine care for each person leaves me forever grateful. It is everything I needed and I am reminded to stay on this path of growth. Thank you 🙏

You know Evelyn, you made a difference to me. I always looked forward to seeing you and will always like to be in contact with you. You make people happy and that’s important. I am a very sad and lonely person due to my husband’s treatment of me (it’s along story!) but going to see you always made me happy. Funny, isn’t it, you probably were not even aware as to what impact you were having on my life!

“Made it easy”

Evelyn really got to the core of me very quickly. She understood what I was aiming for and made it easy for me to sow the seeds.

when I think of Evelyn as coach and  trainer I think:

  • Of her commitment and passion for her craft
  • How she lift us up through the clouds higher than we have ever been
  • Her patience (even though that can be difficult for us Dominant’s)
  • Her amazing respect for our map of the world
  • How she can adapt to whatever is required for each client
  • Her amazing honesty and loving her steel glove !

Evelyn, I have learnt so much from you, you have made me get my confidence back and I am motivated again. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you and God Bless You, You are truly Amazing.

It’s Evelyn’s character that sets her apart from the rest, because she genuinely wants to help others. It’s been my experience that she goes to great lengths to do this, even if someone asks a trivial question thinking it unimportant, she still helps to resolve the underlying issue.

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Watch the Magic Unfold…

Finally, you gain the focus, energy, and intention you’ve always desired.
NOW is YOUR moment to explode your potential and inspire yourself to new heights!

What is NOT included

  • transportation (air, road, train) or transfers- see venue brochures for options
  • free-time meals – outside designated meal times of venue
  • speciality beverages

Note: your free time is your own. However, should you want to take advantage of life coaching sessions and activities we have a strict NO alcohol rule. Alcohol and drugs or other substances that change the state of mind may result in you not being able to participate in the life coaching transformational sessions and other activities

What IS included

  • choice of activities e.g. yoga, beach or lake swimming and group life coaching
  • accommodation 2 nights – 3 day (arrive Fri 2:00pm depart Sun noon
  • delicious nourishing breakfast and lunch
    2 breakfasts, 2 lunches (NO dinners)
Fri 1, Sat 2, and Sun 3 November 2024
The Clan Terrigal
1 Oceanview Drive Terrigal Beach NSW 2260


The Clan Terrigal
1 Oceanview Drive Terrigal Beach NSW 2260

Yes. Absolutely. We are looking forward to welcoming you to an immersive experience for you to connect within. Free time is scheduled so you can explore the magnificent Terrigal Beach, local shops and cafe’s and sunrise/sunset walks along the foreshore…  indulge in the transformative experience or simply chill. It’s your adventure. Take time to reflect by journaling, meditating, walking or just sitting peacefully during break times.

The food consists of a nourishing protein and plant based menu so you have a choice in the abundance of fresh food daily.  Dietary restrictions need to be advised at least 7 days before the event.

In order for us (the event organiser) to secure the venue and programming we are required to enter into a binding contract that does not allow cancellations. Should you wish to cancel there will be a cancellation fee of $500 non-refundable. In the event that you wish to transfer your booking to a friend or family member, there will be no cancellation or transfer fee. This must be done a min 3 days before the event commences.

Any further questions?
Contact me HERE

Yes. We are happy to offer a payment plan to suit your needs. However, payment in full is required by 1 October 2024.

Total available accommodation includes:

The Clan has 32 rooms available. However, the group coaching is capped at 15 people only. So an early booking will secure your seat.

Yes, you are welcome to bring along a partner at the share accommodation rate.

See you there…

SPRING Beach Retreat – NOV 2024