Understanding Archetypes

Moving from Consciousness to Superconsciousness.
Embarking on the adventure of life your higher self intends.
It’s your birthright

WHY Do You Think?

  • one person is happy in life, and another just plain ol’ miserable?
  •  one man is rolling in dough, and another is pinching pennies?
  •  one woman can heal herself from a so-called incurable illness, and another can’t?
  • one person is met with constant success and another continues to struggle?
  • some people are effortlessly confident and others are troubled by fear and anxiety?
  • some people have that Midas touch, turning every unwanted thing into gold, while others have bad luck following them around like a lost puppy?
  • I’m sure you can think of many such questions.
  • Some of them may even apply to you – to your own life.

Archetypal Principles of Achievement

Identifying Shadow Archetypes

and why they prevent you from living your best life learning techniques that heal, empower, and transform your life

Archetypes Manifestation

Understanding how archetypes manifest within and through our values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, drives and desires

Exploring Archetypal Behaviour

Exploring your beliefs and archetypal behaviour facilitating the learning of how to manage it to achieve success in all areas of life

The Great Secret

Life is easy, but we humans complicate life – most times due to our ignorance of its perfect laws. Life is easy when you understand the universal principles that govern it – the principles that existed long before you and me.It is easy if you familiarize yourself with the profound wisdom of archetypal coaching and apply it consciously in your life. And that’s what you will learn in this workshop!

The Law of Cause and Effect

What do you see when you look at a tree? Undoubtedly, you will see its visible parts – the trunk, the leaves, the branches. You see the effect. But what about what goes on beneath the surface? The tree doesn’t just magically pop up in your garden. It starts underground as a tiny, little seed. That is the cause. This is the law of cause and effect – a universal law that governs how our world works. And everything in life works according to this law – including you and me.  

This is what happens.

Many people try to change unwanted life circumstances. They react to these conditions and try to change them. But like hamsters on a wheel, they exhaust themselves. BECAUSE they are trying to change the effect WITHOUT changing the cause. And the cause is what birthed those conditions – the effect – in the first place.


Reality is NOT all you can hear, see, taste, touch, and smell.

It is much bigger than that.My Archetypal coaching can help you master your understanding of these forces, which in turn will give you

  •  wisdom to harmonize yourself with the laws of the universe
  • freedom to choose your own destiny and identity,
  •  vision to see beyond the material world to the very forces that create it, and
  • alchemy to help you transform your relationships, environment, and life in a heart beat.
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Even Plato knew this.

He called it “the ideal plane,” the home of these archetypes.

Explore your own truths..  learn how to use the power of your mind and connect with your inner guide, your intuition (also known as your Inner Teacher).

Together, we will work with tools to guide you from being a passenger in your own life to taking the wheel and consciously creating the outcomes you want.

The techniques you will pick up will give you a step-by-step guide to fully determine the quality of your life.

Desire is not a bad thing

It comes from the Latin word desire, which means of the Father – a reflection of Source. All desires come from the Light.

They are literally the breadcrumbs to enlightenment.

Legend has it that even Source had a deep desire to give. (Source goes by many names – God, Allah, the One Mind, Infinite Intelligence, the Great Spirit) Because of this desire, Source split itself to create vessels – we are the vessels.

And since we are created in the image of Source, we have inherited the same desire to give. So, when you know how to fulfill your desires, you receive more than instant gratification.

You become a channel for an infinitely greater satisfaction that comes directly from Source.

That’s how you contact lasting happiness.

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Understanding Archetypes