11 Mar

Crisis Management – Tap into Your Inner Strength Reserves

When life starts to go a little wrong, you can guarantee that there will be multiple stressors thrown into the mix all set to confuse and complicate the situation a little more. This is when it’s important to be able to retain your self-belief and to tap into your inner strength. But what happens when your inner strength is feeling weakened by a situation and fatigue and nervous energy starts to set in?

Although a crisis can seem very personal and it is possible to feel as if you are slipping into a black hole of despair, it’s important to note that every day people are all under pressure and feeling threatened or overwhelmed by a change in their circumstances too. Like them, you have to dig deep to find the power inside you to resolve any issues. Knowing that others share similar battles to change their lives may eradicate feelings of isolation but there is much that can be done to improve inner strength. Deep down you have to tap into your integral survival instincts and to adopt the realisation that you are able to transform your life irrespective of any situation – no matter how difficult.

Whatever the crisis – grief, relationship loss or redundancies etc, it’s important to focus beyond the current situation, not so as to bypass the feelings of the moment but to know that you are bigger than this moment. This gives you hope and the realisation that this is all just one part of the journey. Life does not stand still and eventually, in time, you will have progressed through the situation and have emerged out the other side – smarter, stronger and more emotionally aware.

During any crisis, don’t be afraid to seek out support from loyal friends and family members who will be there for you – if only to listen. Ask them for encouragement and for their understanding. Having caring individuals around you will naturally increase your sense of self irrespective of the situation and with support comes solutions.

Acceptance forms a big part of understanding, coping with and moving forward from any crisis and this forms an integral part of your inner strength and coping mechanism too. Fatigue often occurs when there is a crisis so it’s a good idea to spend time nurturing your self – go for a walk and clear the cobwebs from your mind. Or just find a quiet beauty spot and sit and contemplate nature and all that is life. Find the time to discover more about you as this will strengthen your self-belief,  try out The Enneagram as this will help you to discover your core attributes – useful at any time but even more so during times of stress when you need to cultivate your inner strength.

Life is a myriad of ups and downs and it is impossible to live without experiencing life fully – this means facing the good and bad times with equal resolve. Remember that the down times make the joys of life all the more vibrant and providing you can believe in your inner strength and power inside you, you will know that you can ride the fluctuating tides of life and survive any crisis.

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