05 Feb

Avoid Self Destructive Behaviour Starting Now

Happiness may be a state of mind but for many people, it can be difficult to see the world with true mental clarity and this can obstruct the opportunity to be truly content and successful in life. If you’re guilty of self destructive behaviour or of self-sabotaging your opportunities, your thoughts and actions may be paramount. Often, your thoughts will have been shaped by lessons learned in life and through your personal experiences. Actions, thoughts and unhealthy behaviours can easily be formed without your even realising and they can affect every aspect of your life.

If you turn back the clock, you can see that when young, you relied on your parents and those closest to you to teach you the right way to think and act but the human experience is all about making errors and decisions and it’s a huge learning curve. Those around you may have been swayed by their own experiences- both good and bad resulting in less than healthy lessons being passed on. Perceptions are easily tainted. Worse, these perceptions can continue to distort. In essence, they turn into self destructive behaviour unless you learn to understand your thoughts and behaviours and clear your perception.

It’s easy to act to extremes. Some people struggle to cope with all of the obstacles in life, they react unhealthily to emotional turmoil instead of dealing with their pain, they turn to alcohol or drugs while others feel a need to rely on those around them, forming unhealthy co-dependent relationships. When there is an intrinsic need to seek approval, you only serve to lower your own self-esteem or confidence. When you try to please people, your actions are solely focussed on this action and it’s easy to lose your own identity. Remember that this is your life and others should not dictate the way you live it, handing over control means giving away your power.

Everyone has negative thoughts but do yours cause all sorts of self-doubts? It can be easy to listen to the never-ending mind chatter that takes place and often you may not be aware that these whispers are causing you to react irrationally. Consider whether you have ever acted impulsively because you have listened to your negative thoughts before understanding the true reality of a situation. You may have felt guilty and apologetic afterwards, but instead of living with regret, wouldn’t it be better to switch off these negative thoughts and learn to push them away before they do any damage?

Because life is constantly throwing obstacles in the way, you may feel a need to over -control your life and to hold on tightly to the reins, which will rule out a flexible approach and ensure you stick rigidly to your plan of action. The future will always be uncertain so when you try to control every element of your life, this will only cause your anxieties to increase. Try to take a step back and release the reins of control. If you don’t, you could miss out on some wonderful opportunities. Self destructive behaviour will hamper your life in every way, if you are determined to make changes, seek out the services of a life coach who can help you to understand why you act and feel the way that you do and help you to move forward with confidence determining what you want to achieve and giving you the tools to ensure your life is successful, balanced and positive.

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