01 Feb

Setting up a Business – Instinct and the Enneagram

Have you been longing to work for yourself? Have you learned a great many skills and now are feeling the urge to make the leap of faith as a self-employed entrepreneur? Before you go rushing off to hand in your notice, throwing every resource you have into setting up a business, just mentally check off all of the requirements necessary for business success. Setting up a business is time consuming and stressful, it’s also hard work but you probably know this, even so, the reality can be very different than the dream for some.

Do you feel completely confident? Are you even ready for success and all the many responsibilities? It’s important to realise that when you first set out with the business idea, in addition to the long hours and responsibilities, and, if you’re going solo in your business, you have to have an abundance of strong skills. You need to have a well thought-out business plan which in the first instance will stand you in good stead. Mapping out your ideas and having a clear knowledge as to the direction in which you wish to take your business will enable you to create strong business foundations and to drive forward in the relevant direction.

But there’s more to running a business than being able to keep accounts, to set up a website or to have products to sell. You have to be ready to encounter a wide variety of problems and to trust your instinct. You have to be able to build rapport with clients and to manage employees effectively too unless you are going to operate a sole venture. Running your own business calls on many special strengths and attributes, some of which will be gained through the day to day challenges of business life. But, the most important quality is to sharpen up your business instinct and to be able to trust your decision making skills, and being able to neatly side-step any potential mistakes.

 If you have doubts about your inner resolve and can’t trust your instinct yet, don’t miss out on finely tuning this aspect of self, it will stand you in good stead in the long run. Study personal development resources such as the Enneagram as this will very quickly enable you to feel confident and to develop trust in yourself. You’ll feel more confident and self-assured within your new role but you’ll find it easier to build rapport with others and to negotiate when necessary. Your instinct will no doubt play an important part in your ongoing success so it’s imperative that it is as good as it can be.

Setting up your own business is worthwhile but it is important to give yourself a fighting chance. Ensure that all of your skills are in tip-top condition and then you can approach your business with an empowered sense of confidence and drive.

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