22 Feb

Discover Your Leadership Qualities

Think you have leadership qualities? Are you able to motive others and are willing to take full responsibility of your team? If yes, you may have leadership qualities just waiting to be discovered. Depending on your working environment, you may be in a company where the chances of being discovered are low, and there is nothing as frustrating as being overlooked. If you are serious about taking your career to a new level, you need to show some initiative and not simply act on opportunities but create them instead If your company rewards those who put themselves forward and take the lead, then show them what you are capable of. If your company does not, then show them what they are missing.

True leadership qualities are about setting objectives, whether for your own personal needs or for others who report into you. Leadership is not about feeling down in the dumps when things go wrong, it’s about having the inner strength to face a challenge head on and to keep persevering if things go wrong. Having a positive attitude can make a big difference, but in business, sometimes it can be difficult to stay resilient if you make a bad decision. Taking responsibility for it however is vital.

Are you a forward thinker, are you able to think on your feet and adapt at a moment’s notice? A true leader has to be flexible, and able to assess a situation clearly, changing direction if needed. But if you wish to develop your leadership qualities, you must also be able to stand your ground and hold out for what you believe in.

If you are really interested in achieving promotion or strengthening your skill-set, determine your strengths and weaknesses. You don’t need to be appraised by your direct manager to know how good you are at your job or, those areas that need a little fine-tuning. If there are any leadership training courses at your company, request that you attend a course; it could be invaluable for your career especially if you excel at any of the tasks on the course. Or, consider investing in a leadership coaching course yourself. Look for coaching that is forward thinking and innovative. This would actually look very good on a C.V. and show your determination to succeed. If you can show enthusiasm for your work and a commitment to the company, in time, your endeavours will be noticed.

The emphasis has to be on developing innovative practices and learning new skills but businesses these days are looking for much more than this when seeking out someone with leadership qualities. They are looking for the ability for practical application and the ability to influence others. Being in charge of a team –especially those who all have managerial skills themselves will be tough and will ensure that you need to be one step ahead. Show that you have the spirit for leadership and you may well be awarded the job you want.

Discover your leadership qualities by working hard, by enrolling in a leadership coaching program and by persevering.

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