01 Dec

What’s your final destination?

Have you ever wondered what you could achieve if you really put your heart and soul into it? Do you think you may be operating on only half of your true potential at the moment? Many people are and the problem is that their intention is less than focussed. Quite simply, most people don’t know what they want to achieve, they don’t know where they are at now, the starting point, let alone the final destination.

Are you caught in the quagmire of indecisiveness? Is your lack of direction a cause of frustration or are you simply stagnating waiting for a gift-wrapped opportunity? You may have an intense knowledge of what you don’t want, rather than what you do. You may feel frustrated in your career or are settling for a stalemate relationship and from time to time you may even wonder what else there is out there for you.

Does this sound familiar?

Never waste your true potential. We all have the talent and ability for success; we simply need to match enthusiasm and desire to the right goals. By setting objectives, it makes it much easier to achieve. They don’t have to be grand or costly, it’s more a case of listening to that inner you. The answer is there, tucked away inside, sometimes, it takes very little to bring those true desires to the fore. Ultimately, you have to be the one to pluck out your true calling and determine the right path to success. There’s no need to fall into a predefined path, unless that’s what you want. It’s possible these days to reinvent your life over and over if you choose to do so, there are so many opportunities, so many training resources, it’s possible to learn an abundance of new skills and try them all until you find the right fit.

So where’s your starting point? Perhaps you need to know yourself truly before you can move on with the rest of your life. If you doubt your skills or your self-esteem is low, then this could be holding you back. The solution is simple – if you want to reach your final destination you need to carve out a new solid starting point. Identify your needs, build your confidence, re-evaluate and test your way forward. Learn more about the real you. Strengthen your foundation for success and feel confident in the person you are. You can do this with the help of The Enneagram. This forms more than a starting point; it’s the key to discovering the real you.

Whatever your future plans, it’s important to not rest too long; don’t let life pass you by. If the opportunities don’t come, then create them otherwise you’ll never reach that final destination.

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