18 Jul

Increase Communication in the Workplace

The business world can often seem an un-friendly and competitive place.  Everyone is vying for a secure and challenging role that pays a good wage. In fact, there has never been a more important time for you to increase communication in the workplace and to start networking with your colleagues and more senior managers- especially if you wish to develop your own career. 

The business world has changed, it has evolved.  Gone are the days where customer support and service were the most important elements of the business and long-time employees were promoted as a matter of course. These days, while service is important, increasing revenue is a much higher priority. If you have worked for a company for a long time, it is probably fair to say that you will have noticed changes.  The business looks out for up and coming employees who have leadership qualities and some of those long-term senior managers may have been replaced by younger, more dynamic employees.

Good communication in the workplace is important, but it is often not sufficient to the smooth running of the interdepartmental relationships.  It is who you know that is vital these days, and building strong relationships will enable you to stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you can talk the talk and show a steely determination to succeed, you will be noticed.  You don’t have to change your personality to become dynamic and to achieve success, but you do need to be driven.  And you do need to stand up and be counted.  These days, there is an emphasis on business values, persuasion and strong leadership, it is not surprising. Businesses in countries all over the globe have been experiencing some financial crisis, so there has to be new innovation and strong leaders at the top, who will take the business to greater heights.

If you want to be a part of a new leadership migration, then you have to learn the techniques of effective communication in the workplace.  You have to be eloquent, ready to stand up and have your say and to be politically aware.  Leadership qualities can be learned. Networking can be learned, effective communication can be learned. Whether your existing company has a vacancy for you, or whether you are looking to further your career within another organisation, it is good to consider your options.  The more qualified that you are, the greater potential for career success.  At one time training happened in the workplace, but now, with reduced training budgets, there is greater belief and approval in someone who goes out and gets their own training and development sorted.

There are numerous communication courses that come highly recommended, Evelyn Olivares, respected Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Career Coach sees a wide variety of people at her workshops who are determined to invest in their own future, and says that these are the leaders of the future. They come, they interact and they learn the techniques that when utilised will enable businesses to sit up and take notice.

It is important to increase communication in the workplace, and vital that your voice is heard.  It’s about saying the right things, to the right people and promoting yourself in a professional manner.  There are opportunities out there, but these days it is about creating your own.

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