21 Jul

Making Redundancy Work for You

The thought of redundancy may be terrifying, especially so if you are worried about starting over in a new company or that you might not get another job for some time. While some people relish the opportunity for change, others shrink away from it and do their utmost to hold onto their jobs even if they hate them. But the odds might be stacked against you and you have to move on because your particular role is well and truly over. But you are not alone, more and more people the world over have to rethink their careers.

Redundancy may be daunting for you, even voluntary redundancy brings certain issues to the fore. If there is a good financial redundancy package it’s less concerning because the finances will cover you for a period of time while you draw breath and think about the future. But, if the package is minimal, it’s important to get back out there and be seen, canvassing for new work prospects as soon as you can, especially if the company is making many people redundant. Depending on the time of year, you may be up against school leavers who are keen to slot into employment, so even if you bring a unique set of skills, it is still important to consider your options in case you lose out on the coveted role.

Being made redundant can bring you a whole host of new opportunities. It needn’t be a time of trepidation but to be seen as a chance to re-train and to try out new areas of work within the marketplace. But is there something you would like to do other than your existing job? Is there some secret desire to do something completely different? Maybe you would like to set up your own company, perhaps you would like to take your existing skills and re-train to enter the market at a much higher pay grade? Perhaps you lack in confidence or need better communication skills? What can stop you from progressing and making the most of your potential? You can make redundancy work for you by considering all of your options and then throwing yourself into an area of work that really excites you. There are numerous training possibilities out there but it’s worth seeking out the services of a life coach, or attending a business event. While events may not always be government funded, consider re-training an investment in yourself. You can polish up your qualifications, your confidence and your skill set and it looks great on your Resume. Make the most of your redundancy payments, contemplate the future with relish, create a list of goals so that you have a clear remit to the future and then get the training that you need. Redundancy needn’t be the end of your career; it could just be the springboard to a whole new, financially rewarding job that will make going to work a joy each day.

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