07 Sep

NLP – Master Your Own Communication and Emotions

When you embark upon an NLP training program, you quickly learn that it is all about communication. Bandler and Grinder, the founders of NLP modelled their chosen strategies upon those communicators who were achieving within their chosen fields and began analysing those elements that made them successful. They also researched heavily into an individual’s inner processing methods, studying how perceptions, belief’s and experiences played a crucial part in the communications process.

It became evident that each person had their own ‘map of the world’ and how they interpreted the information was instrumental in their becoming successful in work, socially and within their own relationships. Through life’s experiences, it became ultra clear that perceptions also became tainted and this meant that one individual’s attempts to decode communications could be very different to another’s who received the same information.

You would think that communicating would be simple after all; we communicate everyday verbally, in written format and through the power of body language. But when you think that we store all of the communicative signals and filter it in different ways, it’s easy to see how we can misinterpret or, fail to recognise important signals. The success and mastery of our communications and emotions rely quite heavily on examples shown to us at an early stage – think back to your parents or important members of your family as role models.  NLP at its core enables us to develop our language so that we can build rapport more readily with others by matching their language patterns. We can identify areas where we struggle and rebuild that map of the world so that any irregularities that currently make life difficult can instead become streamlined and a positive attribute instead.

Learning to master your own emotions, perceptions and internal processing is all a part of the life coaching and NLP practitioner course. Even with a basic understanding of NLP, it is plain to see how much more valuable the information is when as a direct result of professional NLP training. This is because the current experiences and emotions accrued to date, may muddy the significance of key elements and techniques but training with a qualified NLP and Life Coach Practitioner allows them to tap into their own communication expertise to ensure full comprehension and mastery of each technique.

It’s about self-development in its highest form. Only when you have gained mastery over these NLP techniques can you go on to coach others successfully. Re-educating your responses to familiar and formerly difficult situations can make a huge difference to your life and ultimately to others. It’s taking a look at your own internal hard wiring and reconnecting any loose elements so that everything functions more efficiently.

To communicate effectively, you have to learn to recognise the metaprogram patterns of others and of yourself and this enables you to not only make powerful decisions in life but to use these same skills to motivate yourself and others. This way you are in the perfect position to discover your own potential and to utilise it at the highest level.

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