24 Jan

How to be successful in business and save your marriage/relationship

Its seems at times like the minority people have both success in business and a happy marriage at the same time. The stats above from Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that around one in three marriages fail. The divorce median age group for males in 2021 is 32.1 years while for females is 30.5 years.

Why do marriages fail? Well one of the most common factors is the lack of time couples spend with each other, with their significant other and of course let’s not forget poor communication in their relationship. This is as normal for marriage as it is for business. So what does that mean? It means that to have success in marriage or long term relationship with a partner and to run a successful business it commands a lot of time.

It would seem that for most people it’s become a matter of sacrifice on one or the other, either to make a fruitful business or relax and save my relationship. This is a hard decision to make because one without the other does not equal true happiness and fulfilment in life. In order to live life at its best, to be truly happy it is crucial that we consider both. Unfortunately most people opt to work on their businesses, or careers and this usually leads to them becoming lonely and depressed. The question is can one acquire both of these at the same time?

Can I Create a Successful Business and Maintain a Happy Marriage-relationship with my partner at the same time?

The immediate answer is “absolutely YES”. The thing is for most people, they choose not to believe it is so, they think it is unachievable. People have believed over the years that you cannot accomplish this at the same time. They have this belief that, in their world, the wealthiest people most of them are alone and lonely, or there are always the others that are on their 4th or 5th wife or husband or partner on to the next one. This is because most people do not believe that they could grow a business together with their partners. Again, “what you focus on, is what you get, to the exclusion of everything else!”.

People have always wanted to go solo or with friends into a business venture rather than going in with their spouses/partners. Why is this? There is this belief that doing business with your partner will destroy your relationship. What often happens is that when you’re busy growing the business in the absence of your spouse or partner, your relationship can actually drift apart because you’re spending more time with others.

The ideal way to save and maintain a marriage or long term relationship with your partner, especially when your business is just starting, is to involve your partner. Together, dream about what can be, listen to each other and toss around a few ideas, look at the different scenarios and discuss the consequences, always consider the ecology of your actions, then you’ll get a real feel for creating and achieving success together.

The business will grow and it may become fulltime for one if not both of you. With this, it will build your trust, love and passion. The thing is, there is no role that you would miss for your partner to play in any kind of business, even if it is becoming a silent partner.

Having another commonality other than marital/relationship issues between you two, will obviously bring you closer and give you more reason to be together. There is nothing more beautiful than having a friend, a spouse, a partner and a business partner all wrapped into one.