30 Aug

Stop Self-Loathing and Banish Ugly Thoughts

How often do you put yourself down? Probably more often than you realise. In fact, if you could take a slice of your thoughts and examine them on a daily basis, you might be surprised by just how many negative thoughts flood through your conscious and sub-conscious mind. Self-loathing – it’s something that none of us should entertain, these thoughts are ugly and unworthy and yet, millions of people worldwide do just that.

When you are young, the world is a wonderful place, filled with excitement and wonder and yet, as life passes, other people can make you feel inferior, unattractive and unworthy and that’s simply not fair. Equally, once those self-doubts set in, you start to question your thoughts, your actions and feelings. Negative reinforcement from those around you is really cruel. It stops you from seeing your true self-worth and instead, you focus only on your failings.

Once you recognise the slippery slope towards self-loathing, it’s possible to do something about it. Incorporating a few positive actions into your life on a daily basis will have you feeling much better about yourself and, rightly so. Negative self-talk is so damaging, far more than people realise. Self-loathing is often the end product and it’s a long road back to healthy self-esteem if it’s not dealt with quickly.

Most people will admit to having a few issues about their looks focusing only on the negative aspects of their features instead of seeing themselves as the person they are. But fortunately, it’s possible to train yourself to recognise all of the good features instead and to realise how lovely you are. Self-loathing can make you forget about all of your many accomplishments, but this is easily rectified, by making a note of all of your accomplishments. This could be anything from exam or career success to simply being a good friend or neighbour. You may find this a little difficult initially as we are all taught to be modest and not to shout successes from the rooftop but, it’s a great way to start appreciating your accomplishments large and small. Once you have written them down, spend time reviewing your notes and appreciate who you are really.

If your life is difficult and you are always juggling your daily tasks just to cope, then maybe it’s time to simplify your life. When you have so much to do in life, it’s easy to just jump on the treadmill of tasks and you might find it difficult to bring it to a stop. Taking a focussed approach to your life and making a list of all the priorities can enable you to strike a few tasks off the list. A simple way of life will put you back in control and when you feel less under pressure and overwhelmed, you’ll feel good about yourself and this is important.

It’s always good to set yourself goals or to learn new skills so why not invest in a course that not only boosts your confidence and eradicates self-loathing, but will enable you to communicate superbly and build rapport with others instinctively? The Enneagram is one self-improvement program you will love and it’s a perfect stepping stone towards a better life.

Are you surrounded by negative people? If you have people in your life that do not value you, it’s time to make the decision to make changes so determine to spend less time in their company. No-one should feel unappreciated or unvalued in life, and the secret is to spend time with others who are more positive and kindly.

Are you guilty of thinking too much? If you spend a lot of time on your own, it’s easy to over think or to have a lot of negative thoughts, instead, get out and about and do something fun or challenging. Your thoughts can work for you or against you, so it’s up to you how you use them. Many people have damaging thoughts and can feel vulnerable and less than confident as a result. Self-loathing will become a thing of the past if you can learn to appreciate your own value and to be kind to yourself. If you start valuing yourself, others will do the same.

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