09 Jan

Perfect Self Awareness – Perfect Life

Do you want a happy life and to feel totally fulfilled? If so, you need to be true to yourself and to be self-aware. This may sound odd, how can you not be true to yourself? But in reality, there are too many people who pretend to be someone they are not and who live their lives by the rules of others –whether that fits well or not. So from this you can see that it’s important to be authentic and to know who you are, what you want to achieve in life and, to determine just how you want to live. This means, self-awareness is not just important but essential.

Self-awareness doesn’t come naturally. You have to work on it and decide this for yourself. Learn to explore every aspect of yourself. As life unfolds, your experiences change you but the essence of you, that true personality type remains within and knowing and understanding your personality type will also help you to make informed choices.

It’s important to recognise your needs and motivation. We all have them, some will be basic and yet essential, others will match your personality and be intrinsic to your future happiness. Once you understand your core needs, you will be able to ensure they are met. Your values are important too and form a personal roadmap that will guide your decisions and actions going forward. Live life with integrity and your life will change-for the better.

If you feel unsettled in your life, if you flounder and find it difficult to make decisions or to live up to the values of the person you think should be, maybe your perception of your personality type is false. This needs to be reaffirmed so you can start to consolidate this core you, so as to act from a position of strength. This is easy to do and simply means studying The Enneagram, the most compelling way to bring your true personality to the fore.

As you start to live authentically, bring your self-awareness to your emotions. Allow them to rise and fall and go with the flow. Be mindful of them and notice any triggers that cause your emotions to change. Be kind to your emotions. They are a true essence of you. Equally, learned actions and experiences turn into frequent behaviours and although most are hopefully positive, others will be self-defeating and will impede your desire for true self-awareness and authenticity. As you notice your habits, begin to change those that are in contrast to your true needs and future self.

What really motivates you in life? Consider your passions and your motivations. Discover your sense of purpose and go all after it with true energy. Life is for living and for self-discovery. Too often people lose their way in life, they deviate from their truth pathway and in doing so, they lose a little of themselves. Living authentically with full self-awareness may seem too simple to be effective but it is the most natural way of living and it will feel good to be true to you.

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