24 Sep

Have you ever felt out of synch in life?

Personal Development

Do you ever feel that you don’t fit in with those around you or that others just don’t understand you? Perhaps you have simply become a spectator in your own life or feel that you have made so many mistakes and now you are scared to make significant changes in life unless you add to the collection of errors.

Whatever the reason for your feeling out of sorts in your own life, there’s no doubt that when life is out of balance, it becomes difficult and you may not know what to do or even how to improve your situation.

E.E. Cummings once said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

This statement is so very true because so many people are not true to themselves. This may not be deliberate, but we learn by examples and by experiences, and this can take us off track. It takes a great deal of courage to find the way forward, fulfill our true destinies, and grow into the people that we know we can be. We have to understand and embrace our personal development; it’s not an option if success and well-being are desired.

We trust those around us to lead the way towards happiness and fulfillment. Others become our guides, they teach us how to behave, how to think, and even, how to feel. Yet we all have a distinctive personality type and one which governs our perceptions in life. It may have been covered over, hidden, or shrouded by the bombardment of external lessons or experiences but, dig deep enough and that all-important personality type is there just waiting to be discovered.

If you think about it, stripping back the layers of your life is bound to reveal that fresh-faced you, the person you were always meant to be – before all the hardships of life. If you could turn back the clock and re-discover this former you, wouldn’t it be an incredible journey being able to wipe the slate clean and start life all over? While this is not possible, it is essential to start discovering who you really are and reconnecting with your true personality type, defining who you are and who you are meant to be.

There are many personal development resources available and everyone has the choice in life to discover the resources that work for them, but one of the most tried and tested, practical, and beneficial resources is that of The Enneagram. Discovering your personality type is the initial focus but it also goes far deeper, setting you on a journey of discovery. Suddenly life stops being difficult, you make and develop friendships, communicating with others becomes easier and you suddenly get that prized job after all. When you know who you are and learn aspects of yourself that you never even dreamed were there, you’ll feel different, you stop fighting and life falls into place, like the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle missing for so many years. You see the big picture, the real picture.

If you want to change your life, understand who you are, and, achieve your true potential, all you need to do is to attent the Wellness Retreat to comprehend more on The Enneagram.