18 Oct

The Power of Words

We talk all the time but how effectively do we communicate? There may be many ways of communicating but nothing can dispute the power of words. If you find it difficult to present your findings or negotiate in business meetings or in sales discussions, then learning how to power up your words will be an instrument of worth and really could change your life.

Think about a professional speaker that you admire. What is it about their speech and delivery that you admire the most? Is it the vocabulary that they use? Is it the tone and pitch of their voice that is effective? Do they seem comfortable in front of an audience? You can learn a lot about effective communication simply through watching others and then considering those areas of communication that impressed you the most. Style of delivery is a very personal thing. If you have a presentation to prepare for, it’s important that you practice many times so that you can ascertain timings and also how you will present. You can guarantee a professional does not leave it to chance, they are word perfect when the presentation starts.

Some people have a natural ability to hold the audience’s attention. They might start with some humour or perhaps a shock statistic, but they will all slow down their voices to a commanding level and make eye contact. When presenting, there will be visual and auditory clues at least, so anyone listening will be engaged on several levels. The pace of the presentation will increase and decrease throughout, slides will be compelling but the presenter will not read from the slides. They are prompts only.

In a meeting or sales environment, responses have to be glib. The answers to questions need to be an instinctive response, after all, how much credence would you give to someone who had to think for several minutes before responding. The more you can study a professional speaker, the more you will understand the key components that make for powerful delivery. You can use the same skills to a certain degree in any arena where you need to talk from a position of authority. Evelyn Olivares, professional career coach states that ‘today’s business world runs on information and effective communication, it’s an essential component for success.’ Having trained hundreds of people in her coaching workshops, she knows the relevance of communication and how to guide attendees through all the techniques that can help them communicate freely and successfully.

Think about those who are in your company leadership team and see if there is anyone employed who you feel struggles to command attention through the power of their words. The chances are there is not. They will use words in a skillful way and they target the words that will mean the most to you – the listener. They may not be trying to sell you something, but they want to impress their beliefs onto you and if they are exceptionally good with words, you may feel the urge to do so, even if your intrinsic belief is that they are wrong. The power of words are extraordinary when delivered with confidence and charisma. Change your thinking and change your life, just by becoming an effective communicator and believing.

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