01 Nov

Is it Time to Be Mindful?

How mindful are you? Are you the type to plan out your day and week in advance or, does life seem frantic and you go from one task to the next in an unorganised manner? In this day and age, it’s easy to get caught up in the flow of productivity and to be swept along by the daily demands of life but do you end up working harder and for longer as a result? There’s something to be said for approaching tasks with care and attention but there has to be some flexibility if and when things go wrong.

It’s important to consider your priorities and this includes both your personal and professional life. Striking a balance between the two is paramount to health and well-being but there’s always the temptation to work harder and to extend your working hours just to keep up with the flow of work. This can impact the time spent with family and friends causing resentment and fatigue. Sometimes, we take on too much and if this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself why.

Mindfulness may be the solution; it can change how you approach life in general, enabling you to be more focussed and to pay greater attention to detail. You will manage and complete tasks more efficiently and increase productivity. Importantly, it also helps you to streamline those thought processes which can serve to hamper your progress in life, a muddled mind after all will not aid any attempts to be more efficient. Think about why you are doing something and whether it is important and if it could wait. To be in control of your life, you need to be connected with your inner self; to consider your expectations and goals and to be mindful in your approach will pay dividends. .

In the first instance, it’s a good idea to consider your strengths and weaknesses and to identify areas of development. What areas cause you the most problems and what can you do to change this? Are you working productively or do you feel frustrated by your workload? Mindfulness enables you to work in a way that is true to yourself, to have greater clarity and intent and this can make a big difference to your productivity and to how you feel throughout the day. Many people find they are unable to reach their true potential because they don’t understand who they are or their true strengths. They struggle to be mindful, they struggle to achieve and they feel lost. Life dictates instead of life being enjoyable.

If life is stressful, you may feel overwhelmed, indecisive and uncertain how to make important changes. Sometimes it is as simple as managing your time in an effective manner or planning your day but being smart with the planning process, this can increase feelings of control. At other times, feelings of confusion can muddle the way forward and you may need a little help to smooth out the pathway before you. If so, consider the services of a business or life coach who can help you make sense of it all and make life less overwhelming. When you make the decision to be mindful and to take control of your life, you can stride forward with optimism, focus and intent.

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